Graduate School of Oceanography

Physicists, Mathematicians, and Engineers studying the Physics of the World's Oceans

In this rapidly developing field, major new research is dramatically changing our understanding of the physics governing flows in the ocean and the physics of the coupled atmosphere-ocean and global climate system. Learn of the many kinds of research being performed by our students and research staff.

Research in physical oceanography attacks some of the most challenging problems in classical physics and fluid dynamics. It is at a stage of rapid evolution (building upon vastly improved observing tools, increased computing power, and new analytical understanding). Major cooperative research efforts are dramatically changing our understanding of the dynamics of the ocean and atmosphere-ocean coupling. The results of these studies will contribute to solving a yet broader range of oceanic, geological, chemical, biological, engineering, and societal problems. The scope of our interests is global.

URI/GSO is at the forefront of investigation into:

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Visit the faculty, staff and student members of our department.

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